Oh, first love…

I know I’ve already posted today but this is just so exciting! I love being able to interact with all of you and enter this fascinating blogosphere. I’m already reading a ton of other blogs and I love being able to not only get to know y’all better but also gain some insight to the things you’re posting about! I think I’m already obsessed… But, to continue with my original purpose of this post, I decided to write about love for my first real post about something other than introducing myself. The reason I chose that is… well… to be quite honest I can’t get the word “love” out of my head today. Monday’s are usually so incredibly boring and school is dreadful but today was quite different. The reason? I’ll tell you about all of it tomorrow but I think you might have already guessed.

Well, at this moment I am 16 years old (although 17 in not too long) and I’ve only truly loved one boy in my life. Some of you may laugh at this. “Truly loved? What a joke! She’s only a teenager enthralled by the ideas of sex and romance with all sorts of emotional hormones raging through her body! There’s absolutely no way she has ever been truly in love.” I can see the expressions on all of your faces, jaws hanging open at the utter thought of such a young person loving a boy with all of her heart. But, I assure you, I was truly in love with him. For 5 years in fact. And the only reason I don’t love him in that way anymore is because I pretty much gave up on him. After all, he does live 4 hours away and I’ve only seen him twice this year. Plus… oh yes… how could I forget the fact that he has a girlfriend?

A girlfriend. A steady, beautiful girlfriend that has been his for more than a year in fact.

I might still love him. In fact, just writing about this makes my heart ache. He even liked me once, he might still, and maybe one day we’ll get married and have kids and live in a cute house with a white picket fence. What a pleasant love story that would be. But honestly, I wouldn’t like that to be my life. How boring! To love the same boy all of your life and never really know any others? I still like him though, and if I saw him again soon and was able to hang out with him, I would almost certainly fall back in love.

Sigh… *desu ne* (sorry I’m polite even when sighing on my blog). This boy was truly my first love (as I met him when I was eleven) and I don’t think I’ll forget about him any time soon, if ever.

Tomorrow I will blog about this new boy that has entered my life. Maybe he’ll help me forget about my first love once and for all. Except, that would be terrible, so let’s just say maybe this new boy will help me get OVER my first love.

Kisses for now! Au revoir!