Sick and Lonely

I’m home sick today… lovely. Maybe I’ve been spending too much time blogging and it made me sick. Haha I really hope that’s not the case… I was laying in my bed trying to sleep when I heard my mom digging through boxes in the room next to mine. Curious, I crawled out of bed and found her looking through old books and journals that my grandpa left behind when he died a few months before I was born. The old pages smelled like dust and they crinkled when I turned the pages. It was so interesting to look through the things from my grandpa’s life and see what it was like. I never knew him, and sometimes that upsets me because grandpas are always the ones with the funny interesting stories from back in the day. I’m related to him, and yet I’ve never talked to him or heard his voice.

Mom doesn’t talk about him much except when he comes up in a story. She sometimes likes to reminisce about her childhood along with her 5 brothers and sisters but her dad usually isn’t mentioned. It’s obviously a sore spot for the family. My grandma talks about him in longing sometimes. I know it’s hard for her to live without him and although it’s been 17 years since he died, she has never gotten over it. I like to think that when she passes, she’ll be able to see him again. I bet she’d be so happy.

On a better note, I was looking through my grandpa’s journals and I came across a quote that inspired me. It might sound kinda cheesy but it made me smile. I hope you’ll like it too.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that made all the difference.” – Robert Frost.