Fetish Alert

so it’s pretty late over here on the west coast and my mom is forcing me to go to bed so I get over my cold. But I just wanted to post something real quick for the night. I’ll post the stuff I’ve been working on today hopefully tomorrow.
so for now I must inform you guys of my one major MAJOR fetish.
*commence the trumpet fanfare*
now I must say I’ve been in love with these guys since before they became wildly popular and I still am obsessed. If you continue to read my blog you will definitely learn more about my huge passion for this band… I’m going to their Night Visions concert in February and I’m so freaking excited!!! ahhhh!!! sorry I’m totally spazzing out.
just thought I should mention it (:

btw (I don’t know why I used text speak just now… cuz i honestly can never understand it myself and I’m a teen!)… my favorite Imagine Dragons song at the moment is Amsterdam.

so anyways goodnight ❤