My Extreme Fear of Don’t-Shave-December

Good afternoon dear readers,

Today might be something of a rant, I must apologize. But this issue has been bothering me for awhile so it’s time to get down and dirty and talk about the one and only… Don’t Shave December.

I’m sorry… this topic might seem quite random. But, in fact, today I just couldn’t stop staring at all of these high school boys who were participating in this lovely event. The beard specimens ranged from a collection of peach fuzz to full out beards that reminded me of the guys from Duck Dynasty. Catch my drift?

Duck Dynasty stars 660 AP

Ok. So these 4 men might be able to pull off the bearded look. But on 17 year old guys? It’s not a good look.

For any of you guys out there who might be reading this… here’s your chance to get some expert advice. See, sure some guys look amazing with hair on their faces. Let me give you some examples. Johnny Depp (ahhh don’t get me started on him <3), Jake Gyllenhaal, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, and Bradley Coooper are my personal favorites. But, beards on most guys? I mean, come on. They usually just make you look like you’ve decided to become a caveman.

I’m not trying to hate on all the guys that put in so much effort just to feel like a man. Some (correction… like 2) guys I saw today were actually quite attractive. But, all those others. Man, please please please just shave it off already so us girls don’t have to stare in disgust all the time. A lot of guys already shaved when No Shave November ended, but those who are continuing the fad… well just let me suggest that you find a new hobby. I had it personally explained to me today that there is now such thing as Don’t Shave December, Jungle January, Fuzzy February, Mustache March, and even Ape April. Seriously guys? I also had it explained to me that these months allow men to grow more “bestial”, “brutish”, and “manly” (these were the actual adjectives used in this conversation).

Teenage guys with stubby beards. I just want you to picture this for a moment. They walk around the halls and puff out their chests and act all cool and manly. I can imagine the little freshmen talking to their friends: “Look at all of the upperclassmen with beards! They look so tough and awesome! We should make it our number 1 goal in life to grow beards too. We could look like them!”.

Sorry, I’ll stop with my rant now. But if you only take away one thing from this post, make it this: beards, for the most part, are unattractive, and they make you look like mountain men. And where I live, in Washington state, the guys already look like mountain men enough without having to grow beards on top of it.

The effect of this mountain man look is somewhat like this lovely picture I found… just imagine teenagers and a more stubbley look.


You’re very welcome for that lovely image (;

Anyway, I’ll just be glad that the guy I like hasn’t decided to follow this particular fashion trend.

ta ta for now!


Fetish Alert

so it’s pretty late over here on the west coast and my mom is forcing me to go to bed so I get over my cold. But I just wanted to post something real quick for the night. I’ll post the stuff I’ve been working on today hopefully tomorrow.
so for now I must inform you guys of my one major MAJOR fetish.
*commence the trumpet fanfare*
now I must say I’ve been in love with these guys since before they became wildly popular and I still am obsessed. If you continue to read my blog you will definitely learn more about my huge passion for this band… I’m going to their Night Visions concert in February and I’m so freaking excited!!! ahhhh!!! sorry I’m totally spazzing out.
just thought I should mention it (:

btw (I don’t know why I used text speak just now… cuz i honestly can never understand it myself and I’m a teen!)… my favorite Imagine Dragons song at the moment is Amsterdam.

so anyways goodnight ❤

Sick and Lonely

I’m home sick today… lovely. Maybe I’ve been spending too much time blogging and it made me sick. Haha I really hope that’s not the case… I was laying in my bed trying to sleep when I heard my mom digging through boxes in the room next to mine. Curious, I crawled out of bed and found her looking through old books and journals that my grandpa left behind when he died a few months before I was born. The old pages smelled like dust and they crinkled when I turned the pages. It was so interesting to look through the things from my grandpa’s life and see what it was like. I never knew him, and sometimes that upsets me because grandpas are always the ones with the funny interesting stories from back in the day. I’m related to him, and yet I’ve never talked to him or heard his voice.

Mom doesn’t talk about him much except when he comes up in a story. She sometimes likes to reminisce about her childhood along with her 5 brothers and sisters but her dad usually isn’t mentioned. It’s obviously a sore spot for the family. My grandma talks about him in longing sometimes. I know it’s hard for her to live without him and although it’s been 17 years since he died, she has never gotten over it. I like to think that when she passes, she’ll be able to see him again. I bet she’d be so happy.

On a better note, I was looking through my grandpa’s journals and I came across a quote that inspired me. It might sound kinda cheesy but it made me smile. I hope you’ll like it too.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that made all the difference.” – Robert Frost.


Some Simple Q&A

I just love interviewing people. It comes as second nature because getting to know people is one of my hobbies. If you can consider that a hobby. Anyway, I thought it’d be nice for all of you to get to know me a little. I just started blogging so obviously not many people have seen my blog yet but that’s not the point for me. Truthfully, I want to just talk about my life and the things I love. And someday I’d love to learn more about you too.

So, to continue, here are ten random things about me:

1. I hate gummy bears, but am obsessed with sour patch kids.

2. I have one puppy (Cody, you’ll be hearing a lot about him) and one kitty (Lucky, he’ll be mentioned often too).

3. My favorite food is my dad’s special fish soup (maybe I’ll post the recipe some time!).

4. I adore reading manga and my all time favorite series is Fruits Basket.

5. Sometimes, when I eat a certain food, I’ll taste a red triangle or a blue square (it’s called synesthesia… look it up).

6. I’m a very dedicated Christian and love serving the Lord (:

7. I love horseback riding, soccer, and eating goldfish crackers.

8. I make jewelry in my free time (which is not very often, I must admit).

9. Running is actually enjoyable for me.

10. I want to be a nurse or teacher when I grow up (which is just in a few years… ahhhh!!!)

Haha so there you go. Ten completely random, on the spot things about me. I’m sure you’ll learn some more along the way (for example, my obsession with fuzzy socks) but for now we should celebrate! I made it to my second post (; haha but seriously, I’m really excited to keep up with this and post informative, sometimes incredibly silly things about me, and life in general.

Happy blogging!

Oh and P.S. it’s the start of the holidays!! Here’s a cute picture of Santa just for funzies (:


Welcome to my Humble Abode

Some people say that journaling is a way to pour out your soul and find yourself. That’s my main purpose here.
To find myself.
So many people in this world get so afraid of being different, of being who God made them. Everyone has struggled with conformity in their lifetime and I can truly attest to that. After all, I am a high schooler and there is no other time when people feel such a need to fit in. Whether it be following clothing styles, moral values (or lack thereof), hobbies, or doing stupid things to seem “cool”, people are never done trying to feel like they fit in. And sometimes conformity isn’t all bad. Sometimes following someone else’s leadership and ideas can produce many good things. But in trying to conform to everyone else and act “normal”, a lot if times we forget what it means to be yourself.
To say whatever, wear whatever, do whatever you want without feeling embarrassed or criticized. Being yourself means to not care about what others might think of you but instead to be who you want to be.
I think blogging allows people to say whatever is going on in their minds. In the process they discover their own personal musings and find what makes their hearts sing.

This is my journey to self discovery and I want you to come with me. I’ll talk about life, cupcakes, horses, whatever comes to mind and I’ll delve into my love of the Pacific Northwest. I think much of the things I’ll have to say will relate to so many people and help each of you discover your own joys of life. This blog, “Cascade of Caprice” will show you just a bit of my world and hopefully allow you to indulge into your own wonderful life (:

For now, “à tout à l’heure” and welcome to my world: Cascade of Caprice.