Some Simple Q&A

I just love interviewing people. It comes as second nature because getting to know people is one of my hobbies. If you can consider that a hobby. Anyway, I thought it’d be nice for all of you to get to know me a little. I just started blogging so obviously not many people have seen my blog yet but that’s not the point for me. Truthfully, I want to just talk about my life and the things I love. And someday I’d love to learn more about you too.

So, to continue, here are ten random things about me:

1. I hate gummy bears, but am obsessed with sour patch kids.

2. I have one puppy (Cody, you’ll be hearing a lot about him) and one kitty (Lucky, he’ll be mentioned often too).

3. My favorite food is my dad’s special fish soup (maybe I’ll post the recipe some time!).

4. I adore reading manga and my all time favorite series is Fruits Basket.

5. Sometimes, when I eat a certain food, I’ll taste a red triangle or a blue square (it’s called synesthesia… look it up).

6. I’m a very dedicated Christian and love serving the Lord (:

7. I love horseback riding, soccer, and eating goldfish crackers.

8. I make jewelry in my free time (which is not very often, I must admit).

9. Running is actually enjoyable for me.

10. I want to be a nurse or teacher when I grow up (which is just in a few years… ahhhh!!!)

Haha so there you go. Ten completely random, on the spot things about me. I’m sure you’ll learn some more along the way (for example, my obsession with fuzzy socks) but for now we should celebrate! I made it to my second post (; haha but seriously, I’m really excited to keep up with this and post informative, sometimes incredibly silly things about me, and life in general.

Happy blogging!

Oh and P.S. it’s the start of the holidays!! Here’s a cute picture of Santa just for funzies (:



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