Welcome to my Humble Abode

Some people say that journaling is a way to pour out your soul and find yourself. That’s my main purpose here.
To find myself.
So many people in this world get so afraid of being different, of being who God made them. Everyone has struggled with conformity in their lifetime and I can truly attest to that. After all, I am a high schooler and there is no other time when people feel such a need to fit in. Whether it be following clothing styles, moral values (or lack thereof), hobbies, or doing stupid things to seem “cool”, people are never done trying to feel like they fit in. And sometimes conformity isn’t all bad. Sometimes following someone else’s leadership and ideas can produce many good things. But in trying to conform to everyone else and act “normal”, a lot if times we forget what it means to be yourself.
To say whatever, wear whatever, do whatever you want without feeling embarrassed or criticized. Being yourself means to not care about what others might think of you but instead to be who you want to be.
I think blogging allows people to say whatever is going on in their minds. In the process they discover their own personal musings and find what makes their hearts sing.

This is my journey to self discovery and I want you to come with me. I’ll talk about life, cupcakes, horses, whatever comes to mind and I’ll delve into my love of the Pacific Northwest. I think much of the things I’ll have to say will relate to so many people and help each of you discover your own joys of life. This blog, “Cascade of Caprice” will show you just a bit of my world and hopefully allow you to indulge into your own wonderful life (:

For now, “à tout à l’heure” and welcome to my world: Cascade of Caprice.


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